Manifesting Generator Strategy

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Within Human Design the Manifesting Generator Strategy to guide energy correctly is to respond to life and then inform before you initiate action.

Despite the plentiful energy you have available as a generator you are not here to initiate actions or "make the first move".

If you respond to the world coming to you the resistance field around you disappears. So when you do commit your deep energy resource to something in response and with reference to your inner authority, you will feel deep levels of satisfaction instead of frustration.

But i f you do try to initiate actions without waiting for your response you will meet a great deal of resistance from other people and the world around you. When you meet this resistance your predominant feelings will be deep levels of frustration. Not only will you feel frustration but you are also prone to becoming “stuck” in the life you have tried to make happen (Manifest). This can lead to chronic feelings of frustration and an unhappy dissatisfied life.