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About Genetic Matrix

John Yuill was born in North Wales and graduated with degrees in Music and Finance in 1986. Both of these interests have led him to a successful career and business in Human Design and the creation of Genetic Matrix.

From his own life experience, in-depth studies and from giving thousands of readings all over the world since 1998, John believes that Human Design is the most profound knowledge of all.


Many of the qualities spoken of in testimonials about John’s readings are reflections of his musical background including his attention to detail, thoroughness, depth of knowledge and compassionate sensitivity.

JY – WA Mozart Piano Sonata “Allegro”

Music, like Human Design, can shift one’s knowledge and perception of self and life and touch one’s soul to aid and transform the lives of those who listen.

JY – WA Mozart Clarinet Quintet “Adagio”

Musically, John graduated with Distinction in Music from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London winning both the Laurie Kennedy and John Pettican prizes for outstanding student and in 1986 he also graduated with Distinction from the University of London Goldsmiths College in Orchestral Studies.



“Trading in Chicago”

Concurrently, John’s degree in Finance from The Open University, and pursuant 22 year successful career in banking, also adds much to what he brings to his Human Design readings.

To date, John has given readings to people in more than 55 countries, many of which he worked or lived in during that time period, thus giving him an innate understanding of different cultures and mindsets which add to the depth of his readings and client communications.

After graduation, he worked his way up from the bottom as an Investment banker in the City of London to become Executive Director and Global Head of Derivatives and Prime Brokerage at two of the worlds’ largest and most profitable Investment banks, Credit Suisse First Boston and UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland).

The same diligence that John applied to mastering banking (he gained qualifications and certification from all the major regulatory bodies in Europe and the USA) is the same degree of study that he has put into his 14 years with Human Design.

His nature is to deeply understand, from the bottom up (9 First Lines ensures that!). Then he incorporates this depth with the manifold details and synthesis of every component in Human Design, thus developing readings which are more thorough and deeper than others.

During his years in banking, John learned how to hone in on what is important, to organize large amounts of data, to multi task and to deliver work in a timely fashion. His people skills, which made him a successful manager of more than 2000 employees during his banking career, include a deep intuition and caring that comes through as an integral component of each of his readings.

Most people, who have readings with John, return for further readings due to the quality, quantity and affordability of what he offers.


Human Design has impacted every facet of John’s own life, from personal to business, in ways that have aided his own self understanding and growth. John’s life, from the very beginning of his musical training, has involved learning, teaching and practicing profound personal development technologies that can measurably increase human health, wealth, performance and happiness.

He is a qualified NLP trainer (studying with Anthony Robbins) and has been teaching and giving Human Design readings since 1998. He has been dedicated full-time to giving Human Design readings since 2006.


John’s own life experience and nature, combined with deep Human Design knowledge, brings you a unique and valuable Human Design reading experience.

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