Business Large Group Reading


Business Large Group Reading

This reading brings you a full Large Business Group analysis from the perspective of Human Design.


What is a Business Large Group Reading?

When a business grows in size from 9 to 100s and 1,000s of people this becomes a large group in terms of Human Design analysis. This reading brings you a full large Group Business analysis.


Why is this important?

Very specific auric laws govern large groups of people and their business interactions. This large group aura defines the potential success or failure of the business itself. This large business group aura binds together smaller groups of people and brings them into the flow of the larger organization. It is critical to under- stand these very unique positive and negative dynamics of your business and its key communication channels.


How will this reading help me?

This reading will bring you an understanding of the critical group dynamics operating within your business. It will highlight weaknesses in the structure of the groups and what remedial action can be taken. This can have a large impact on the bottom line productivity of your business. The reading will also highlight key communication pathways within your business and imbalances in the smaller group structures. A remedial improvement action plan will be supplied as a result of this analysis.

What can I expect to receive in my reading?

You will receive a reading of approximately 80/90 minutes in length as an initial consultation. This reading will bring you a clear understanding of your current or intended business group structure. Following this an action plan will be provided and any follow-up consulting sessions will be scheduled at the normal GM Consulting rate.The initial fee covers the first reading only. A full GM Business Tax Invoice will be supplied to allow for full tax reclaim against this investment in your business.

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