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Chiron Return Reading

A Chiron Return Reading has deep relevance for people over 49 years of age.


What is a Chiron Return Reading?

The Chiron Return life passage is a time when our world can expand or shut down. For some it is a difficult passage. For others it can be their true flowering stage in life. This reading reveals the themes that you will meet during this period of your life.


Why is this important?

The orbit of Chiron represents a fundamentally mutative genetic trigger point in your life process. Understanding the nature of this cycle relative to your design can make the difference between feeling inner balance and harmony during this stage of life or the suffering of mental anxiety and instability through ignorance.


How will this reading help me?

Fundamentally, Chiron will be bringing you a unique profile thematic that you will need to understand and embody in order to fulfil your life process. Understanding this cycle is the key to relinquishing that which is inauthentic or misshapen in your life to liberate and heal the unlived passionate expression of your spirit.

What can I expect to receive in my reading?

You will receive a personal reading of approximately 2 hours in length depending on your design.

This reading is delivered in 2 mp3 audio parts and precisely describes the energies that you will meet, the life themes that you may expect to face, as well as their challenges, opportunities and lessons. This reading reveals clear signposts to watch for.

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