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Family Reading

This service is for families of any size.


What is a Family Reading?

This reading brings you a clear understanding about the energy dynamics of your family design through the lens of Human Design.


Why is this important?

The conditioning impact on our designs is very powerful within group auric environments. The nature of each individual’s Foundation Design can operate very differently when inside a family aura. This can lead to tensions, misunderstandings and difficulties within the family group.


How will this reading us?

The nature of your Family Identity consists of its’ energy dynamics and the effect that has on each and every relationship.  Understanding the inter-relationships between parents and children, children and children is key to family harmony and success. This reading will clearly layout the strengths and weaknesses of your family’s design and will bring you practical guidance leading to a new awareness. 

What can I expect to receive in this reading?

You will receive a Family Reading of approximately 90-120 minutes in length.

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