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Human Design has the answers for you

We all are challenged in a myriad of ways that sometimes seems never ending.

For most people, life is about trying to ‘figure it out’;learning how to

‘play by the rules’; trying to ‘think things through logically’

just so we can have some inner

peace and joy.

The freedom that Human Design offers us is to learn our INNER sources for success and to follow what we ‘hear’ within. Once we start living true to who we are designed to be, life becomes much easier. We are no longer the salmon swimming upstream to spawn (unless we choose that course for the fun aspect of the challenge). We realize, more and more, that we can float downstream finding greater happiness and peace along the way – and still ‘get to where we’re going’ (but in a much better frame of mind!).

How is this possible?

Human Design is able to show us our own inner mechanism for listening to what is right specifically for our own individual self. We each are designed differently with our own way of listening to that inner mechanism so that we begin to know what we need to pay attention to and what the best course of action is for us to take (or not).

It does this via a chart (also called a bodygraph) based on one’s time of birth and spells out one’s unique genetic design – a ‘map’ to who it is that we have come to be in this life.

Depending on birth time, we are each a certain ‘type’ which creates an aura about us that is designed to interact with the world in specific ways.

Each ‘type’ has a specific strategy to follow in life in order to create the greatest ease and least resistance. Some of us are designed to initiate (Nike’s ‘Just Do It’) while others work best to wait and have opportunities come to them (there are other types and strategies, as well).

We are also each born with an inner ‘authority’, which determines the best timing and ways for making decisions be it a feeling within; an emotional wave; an automatic guttural response; etc. Most of us, upon learning this ‘authority’ realize that we’ve used it before in life when things go well.

Consciously learning our own design is a relief. It helps us understand our self and our life and gives us the keys to operating our life more successfully. We don’t need to wonder if there’s ‘something wrong with us’ that leads us to choices that don’t serve us.

Grounded in knowing and living the truth of one’s real self, an acceptance grows that we can handle life without thinking everyone else has the answers. We notice our mind’s need for logic and instead of listening to it, we check inward for what is our ‘real’ self – for what feels ‘right’.

Fears begin to recede. There is nothing to ‘figure out’ once we learn our own unique design and how best to respond to life. All there is left is to live life fully and enjoy the experience of being who we are meant to be.

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you are? Human Design is the answer. It will tell you what you want to know. It has the answers for you.