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Human Design – Projector

    • Projectors are 22% of the worlds’ population.
    • The natural role of the Projector is to be the invited guide for the Sacral Energy Types ( Generators and Manifesting Generators).

  • Strategy – If the Projector Waits for an Invitation before embarking in major life directions (Career choice; Relationships choice; Selecting a home; etc) there will be no resistance from others AND the Projector will be granted the directive use of the energy resources of whoever correctly invited them.
  • Projector’s are “non-energy” Types. Meaning they are not here to be the workers like Generators who can do things over and over again. This is why they need to study and be informed, so they can guide and be intelligent with energy usage.
  • Projectors can gain access to vast energy resources (exceeding the individual energy resources of any other single Type) by accepting the correct invitations and by directing these energy resources correctly.
  • Projectors must always refer to their Inner Authority before accepting any major life invitation otherwise there is no way of knowing if the invitation is the correct one for them. Accepting the wrong invitation can have serious and long-term repercussions for Projectors.
  • Projectors who do not follow their Strategy and Inner Authority will suffer serious exhaustion which leads to illness. They will also become very bitter about life and other people.
  • Projectors are not designed to “keep up” energetically with the energy dispensing Generators and Manifestors. This is not the role of the Projector.
  • The Projector aura is very focused. It is focused on the G Center of other people.
  • There a four different Inner Authority variations of the Projector and there is a further variation with no Inner Authority – Mental Projectors.
  • No other Human Design Type has as many Inner Authority variations as the Projector.
  • The Projector derives its name from the nature of its aura. The Projector is “projected” upon by others. They get noticed!
  • Projectors should be and are natural studiers of information and other people. Whilst they are waiting for correct invitations Projectors should study and rest because they need to be ready when the correct invitation comes.

The Projector in more detail

Before modern times, Projectors have always been at the bottom of the leadership ladder. The one thing that really didn’t matter in those days was intelligence. The power and energy of Manifestors ruled the day and Projectors have never been equipped to win that game.


Today, Projectors, who as a group are 22% of the worlds’ population, sit at the top of the natural leadership hierarchy. Their true role is to guide the energy types (Manifestors, Generators and Manifesting Generators) in the most efficient use of their energy resources .


Projectors have an inherent ability to understand others. They are the masters of reading and managing energy efficiently. It is because of their Center openness that they can take in and read the energy of others. Gradually, over time, the Projectors’ ability to read and recognize this energy gives them the wisdom to guide others in the most efficient use of their energies, gifts and talents.


Projectors are also great at organizing others and at networking. They know how to bring the right people to the job to accomplish a specific task and they also know how to maintain harmony in the world.


For these reasons Projectors are the ideal leaders, administrators and guides for the modern democratic world that we live in. Projectors just have this innate, natural ability to recognize the potential and talent of other people and to be able to offer guidance to them.


Our world needs many different types of guides and the Projector group mirrors this. Projectors, as a type, carry the most variation of inner authority than any of the other types of human being. You can meet emotional Projectors, Splenic Projectors, Self Projected Projectors, Mental Projectors and Ego Projected Projectors. As a group they are ably equipped to read and guide every variation of energy type!


The projector is the most ‘personal’ and up close type of human being too. This is because of the nature of their aura. Our human aura represents the holistic energy field that uniquely surrounds each and every one of us.


This aura is our personal electromagnetic signature and tells every living thing around us what we are all about. Our aura extends up to 3 meters around the entire circumference of our body. Having an aura also gives us the ability to read and interpret other people’s auras. That ‘feeling’ you get when you like or dislike someone at the first meeting? That is your aura doing its job and alerting all your senses!


In fact, it is the particular nature of the Projector aura that gives the Projector their name. This aura ‘Projects’ outwards towards other people and is ‘Projected’ upon by other people. Projectors get noticed in other words!


The Projector aura is very focused on the other people that they meet. Projectors don’t focus on groups. They focus on one individual at a time. The Generator aura envelops the entire group around them. But the Projector aura focuses on one person at a time. When you meet a Projector, you meet someone who will focus on you like a laser beam!


Most types of Projector have the majority of their Centers inactivated. They are white in other words. This means that Projectors take in and reflect back other people’s energy from these white Centers. Not only do they reflect this energy back they also amplify it! So it often appears that they are the energy dynamo!


It is always important for Projectors to notice the energy dynamic they feel when they are in a group of people. This is actually the energy dynamic of the group itself not the Projector generating their own heightened energy. That pseudo-energy the Projector feels will disappear as soon as the energy types have left the group. When this happens the Projectors find they no longer have the energy for work; in fact, they are usually exhausted!


Projectors live in a world of busy people. Generators and Manifesting Generators make-up 70% of the worlds’ population. Energy types are the overwhelming majority. So most Projectors are never too far from the aura of an energy type! Their white Centers are taking in, amplifying and reflecting this abundant energy almost constantly so the Projector can, over time, get completely burnt out and may need a long break or a period of rest away from everyone.


Projectors who ignore these levels of exhaustion and feel resentful because they cannot continue at the same pace as before are usually heading towards some form of sickness and physical breakdown.


Most adult Projectors who live in an environment of busy energy types will end up overwhelmed and exhausted unless they truly understand what it means to be a Projector. Don’t try and keep up with the busy bees! Just say to yourself: “What are they really being busy about” “Is it effective?” “Is it efficient?” “Is it intelligent?” Or “are they just spinning their wheels and looking busy”. These energy types need intelligent guides and the Projector cannot guide them if they are exhausted with trying to keep up all the time.


Projectors need a lot of rest because they take in and reflect so much energy during their day. An energy type like the Manifesting Generator or the Generator will become exhausted at the end of the day and just go to bed. A Projector feels that place of being exhausted frequently during a busy day too and often may not have time to stop and rest. So they carry on beyond that point of being tired.


Because this has happened so often in their life, some Projectors find it difficult to stop at the end of the day and go to bed. We are all taught and told to be “doers” from a very early age, so adult Projectors have a difficult time breaking the pattern of this habitual and learned way of being.


Projectors do need to practice going to bed an hour earlier than they think they need to though! They should just rest, read, watch TV, listen to some music, unwind and relax. It gives their body time to really wind down and release the collected energy whirling around their system and settle, so that they can sleep. Lying flat whilst resting helps 70% of our genetic functions to rest and regenerate, sleeping helps all of them. Ideally, a Projector should try and be outside of anyone aura whilst they are resting! Otherwise their white centers will keep on taking in what is around them.


Projector as Guide

Projectors cannot just direct anyone. They must understand and remember that their strategy for life is to “wait until you are recognized and invited” by someone else. Only when Projectors are correct and wait for this invitation to impart their undoubted intelligence and wisdom, will their own life be correct.

Having said that, most Projectors are usually more interested in other people than themselves so they love to jump in and try to help people without being invited! This is an admirable quality, but it is the Projector who will end up feeling unappreciated, exhausted and bitter when they are not appreciated for doing this.


The familiar Projector lament is: “What if I am not recognized and invited?” “Surely I should do something to make this happen?”


Well, in truth, t here is nothing for the Projector to do until they are first recognized and invited by the right person. It is in the design of the Projector to be noticed so they should have faith in that.


Projectors are genetically coded via their aura to have other people recognize and approach them. So they just need to relax and wait for the right person to come along. And they will! When the Projector relaxes and stays silent, that Projector aura does all the talking and brings the invitation of others.


It is so important for Projectors to understand that if they succumb to this fear of not being recognized and force the pace with other people they are not only wasting their precious and limited energy resources but they are also missing the real opportunities.


The Projector will never find what is right for them by jumping in and trying to make things happen.


A Projector needs the right person in their life not just any old person.


How does the Projector know if someone is right for them? Other people recognize, approach, and invite them! Until that happens no one is worth wasting that precious Projector energy and wisdom on.


Some Projectors do not have a consistently reliable way of making decisions and others have very gentle and delicate inner authorities. The truth is some Projectors can be very spontaneous with decisions; others will need to wait a week before they can make a decision and others will have to wait longer, have discussions with others and seek feedback before they come to any conclusive decision with any clarity.


So, it is even more critically important to wait for that recognition and that right invitation because it can greatly reduce the potential for incorrect decisions for a Projector.


Projectors should not take this “wait for the invitation” to extremes though! In fact, if the Projector only uses this strategy for the major turning points in their life it will pay huge dividends for them.


These turning points are the moments in the Projectors life when they must honor their strategy of waiting to be recognized first and then invited. Only then should they make a decision on whether the invitation is right for them.


So, for all Projectors:

  • Wait for your invitation into a new love relationship
  • Wait for your invitation to a new job, business opportunity, career or where to study
  • Wait for your invitation to bond with others in friendship or partnership
  • Wait for your invitation to a new home or place to live

Ultimately, true success in life for a Projector is in selecting the right people to have in their lives. Those people who truly recognize and appreciate them for who they really are. Our wise and intelligent guides.