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What Else Will I Know?

If you studied your own life through a magnifying glass, what would you see? Do you feel stuck in the same old pattern in your relationships? The same old work? Just can’t seem to make the changes you want or nothing ever seems to work out?

With Human Design you can eliminate your unique patterns of self-sabotage.It shows you when and how to make the critical decisions that shape your life.

You begin to see the positive side of your uniqueness and what makes you different from every one else.

What you begin to discover through Human Design is why you do the things you do; think the thoughts you think; interact with yourself and others a certain way.The light begins to shine on why relationships work well (or don’t) – why it is that difficulties arise in work situations (or don’t) – and why you are the one family member that just can’t stay put very long (or not).

You begin to be aware consciously of patterns of behavior previously hidden to you and then to own and accept who you are.

Often awareness is all that is needed for patterns to change; forgiveness of self to heal; and a new joy and freedom of self to emerge.

You will also learn why it is that you communicate well with some people and not others;why you fear certain things in life will you have courage and bravery in other life situations;

And you will come to know and appreciate your own unique self instead of constantly wondering why it is that you don’t seem to ‘fit in’ like everyone else.

You will begin to see yourself more clearly; be able to recognize the settings and situations in which you excel and choose them versus the ones before that would trip you up.As you accept yourself you will also come to appreciate your self and life will be easier; more peaceful; and happier.